The Maestro Matt Whiley to open bar in Hoxton

Matt Whiley


From foraged ingredients and house ferments to a zero waste food offering, Hoxton’s soon-to-open cocktail bar Scout is set to celebrate great British produce on Great Eastern Street with inventive and unforgettable cocktails.

The bar which will only use fresh produce from the British Isles has been developed by renowned bartender Matt Whiley – the man behind Peg + Patriot.

Seasonality will underpin Scout’s menu with a focus on minimal waste to ensure it’s a conscious and sustainable operation that shouts from the rooftops how incredible produce from the British Isles is. Scout’s menus will adapt often, changing as produce from farmers and growers comes in and out of season, whilst available foraged ingredients and house ferments will combine to create unique twists on the classics and inspired modern signatures.

A unique addition to the bar will be the basement Laboratory with a 10-seat private area featuring an exclusive menu of daily changing libations that the team are developing in real time for future menus. Providing a front row seat delivering insights into how Matt and the team create, adjust and perfect cocktails.

Scout opens on 11th April 2017.

Urban Foraging vs. Urban Decay


Our very own Rich Woods has created a very clever cocktail menu at Duck and Waffle that launches today. Trust us when we say… this is not to be missed! His new drinks menu Urban Foraging vs. Urban Decay explores the use of wild edible ingredients and discarded produce.

From the foraged menu expect to see ingredients like Cherry Blossom, Bark, Pine and Pollen. The Urban Decay cocktails will include Tomato stalk gin, Tomato Leaf Vodka, Banana Skin Cordial and Avocado Skin Tequila. Genius.

The full menu:


Colony Cocktail
Monkey Shoulder, Preserved Cherry Blossom Cordial, Bark, Grapefruit-Formica Rufa, Ginger Ale

Pine Needle Lemonade
Hendricks Gin, Pine, Verjus, Wild Elderflower, Lightly Carbonated

Hopped Scotch
Hopped Dewars Whisky, IPA Cordial, Hay & Hopped Grapefruit Soda

Woodland Negroni
‘Damp’ Gin, Woodland Campari, Moss Vermouth, Formica Rufa Bitters

Jack Daniels, Maple, Salted Caramel, Hay Infusion

Strawberries & Cream
Removed Pimms, Split Cream Vodka, Strawberry Leaf Dry Vermouth

Dill Fino, Pollen, Prosecco

Ex-Presso Martini (No Coffee)
Chicory Root Vodka, Cola Nut & Walnut Shell Liqueurs, Burnt Dandelion Root ‘Expresso’



Green G’n’T
Tomato stalk gin, Tonic

Clarified ‘Green’ Bloody Mary
Tomato Leaf Vodka, ’Green’ Gin, Soil, Bloody Mary Consommé

Meadow Spritz
‘Spring’ Gin, Cut Grass & Asparagus tip Cordial, Wild Elderflower, Citrus, Lightly Carbonated

Banana Split
Cana Brava Rum, Toasted Coconut Husk, Banana Skin Cordial, Sour Milk

Breakfast with Hemingway
Bacardi Carta Blanca, Citrus Blush, Maraschino Liqueur, Burnt Toast

Daily Grind
Soured Vodka, Spent Coffee Grinds, Lemon Leaf Aperitivo, Stone Fruit Liqueur

Avocado Aperitivo
Avocado Skin Tequila, Chocolate Aperitivo, Toasted Walnut Amaro


Duck & Waffle
110 Bishopsgate

Negroni Week

Ristretto NegroniDuckWaffle-1524_HighRes

In honour of ‘Negroni Week’ we thought you’d enjoy a special cocktail recipe by our very own Rich Woods. Why not try his very clever (and tasty) Ristretto Negroni:

Ristretto Negroni
30ml Bombay Sapphire gin
20ml Cocchi di Torino
20ml Campari
10ml Aperol

Make the cocktail and slow drip through a cold-brew coffee tower, through crushed coffee beans. The process takes 24hrs.

Measure 80ml and pour into a mixing tin two-thirds filled with cube ice. Stir until icy cold and strain over a fresh ice block. Garnish with a dehydrated orange wheel.


VOTE: Tales of the Cocktail’s Spirited Awards


2016 marks the 10th year since the Spirited Awards was first launched at Tales of the Cocktail. The award recognises the best bars and bar talent from the US and around the world.

We nominated our very own Rich Woods (AKA The Cocktail Guy) for the Best International Bartender of the Year category, and we would love for you to vote for him too. There are eight days left till nominations close… so we thought we’d give you our eight reasons why we think he deserves this award:

  1.  To quote Square Meal, he’s the ‘Drink Industry’s answer to Heston Blumenthal’ – his cocktails sound crazy BUT taste AMAZING.
  2. He’s all about balance – no ingredient overshadowing the other. Who would have thought Blue Cheese and Chocolate Martini would work? Get the balance right and you have a winner on your hands and this cocktail won him first place in the UK and Ireland heat for Bombay Sapphire’s ‘World’s Most Imaginative Bartender’ competition.
  3. Rich is definitely at the forefront of  bridging the gap between the food and liquid worlds. He loves using ingredients that can be found in the kitchen. Our favourite hands down is the Roasted Cosmo that includes a bone marrow infusion.
  4. His personalised Nutella Negroni got everyone talking earlier this year.
  5. His avant-garde approach to mixology keeps the industry exciting. We’re always looking forward to seeing what he’s next got up his sleeves.
  6. His monthly menus are innovative and creative. Right now it’s all about vegetables with cocktails including Parsnip, Roasted Red Pepper, Celeriac, Carrots, Beetroot, Artichoke and Kale.
  7. His twist on the classic Gin & Tonic using sugar snap peas is award worthy.
  8. He has a pretty awesome beard. His beard deserves an award of its own!

Have we convinced you yet? Vote Here.

Drink News: New menus by Rich Woods for Easter and April

Duck and Waffle_Easter Eggs

We *might* be a little biased but our favourite bartender Rich Woods (Duck & Waffle’s Head of Spirit and Cocktail Development) has created TWO special menus which we guarantee you will NOT want to miss out on!

First to launch is his three unique Easter cocktails starting from Good Friday March 25th for one week only.

His Easter menu inspires a whole new layer of indulgence, guests can choose from:

  • Easter Eggs (pictured above) Rich’s twist on the holiday’s favourite treat made of coffee-washed Bacardi superior, hay-infused white chocolate and black truffle
  • Beetroot & Chocolate Royale – Beet & Cacao Liqueur with Champagne
  • And finally, back by popular demand will be the Nutella Negroni  Bombay Sapphire gin, Vermouth blend, Campari and a Nutella infusion with limited edition personalised versions available.

His second menu, launching 2nd April is ‘Drink Your Greens’; Duck & Waffle’s newest collection of highly creative, vegetable-inspired cocktails. These fresh and fun drinks are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Drink Your Greens Cocktail List

Essence of Mary – IOW Yellow Tomato Consommé, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Tomato Vine

Artichoke Negroni – Daffy’s Gin, Vermouth blend, amaro, artichoke infusion

Mind Your Peas & Q’s (non-alcoholic) – Seedlip, sugar snap, tonic

Eden – Bombay Sapphire Gin, bay leaf, IPA Reduction, beetroot paint

Garden Spritz (non-alcoholic) – roasted red pepper, wild elderflower, verjus – lightly carbonated

Manhattan Roast – Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Vermouth, parsnip, burnt honey, walnut

Beetroot & Chocolate Royalé – beet & cacao liqueur, Champagne

Celeriac & Bee Pollen Bellini – celeriac purée, bee pollen cordial, Prosecco

Pina-Kale-Ada – coconut washed Bacardi Superior, distilled pineapple, kale, citrus

Carrot Cocktail – Patrón Tequila, buttered carrot, date, caramel

They count as one of our five a day, right?

Duck and Waffle_Carrot Cocktail_LowRes (2)